Simply Saturday Present Tense

Taken a week ago.

Yesterday was our 34th wedding anniversary and we celebrated by visiting our favorite place – the beach.

Ocean Ridge Beach

Yesterday I included pictures of us those many years ago. Both full of youthful promise and me without a clue of what was ahead. Henry probably didn’t know either but he’s always been more sure than me. Always.

We are not the same. Can’t be. Time doesn’t pass without etching its lines in your life. We are not perfect have not had a perfect marriage but we are, do I use that extreme word? perfect for each other.

He shares my love for the water

White Water Rafting in August

Oh yeah, he loves it.

We have and are still learning the rhythms of each new part of our life. We are so different that I’m sometimes amazed how well we fit. It’s him. Really. There is no humility here. Ask anyone. He spoils me and I let him ๐Ÿ™‚ He gives me the space I often need and I allow him the quiet he needs after long days. That and the golf he loves!

With his wonderful mom. She gets the credit for the man he is.

We’ve each lost our fathers, mothers are frail in different ways. We are looking at a future that holds more changes than we’ll want to face. We’ll become the family elders. In many ways we already are.

We love to look back at our years together. Places we’ve traveled, memories we’ve made. But our faces are turned forward, head first into the unknown winds of the future.

Look what we found on the beach today. An anniversary present to us from God!

At the beach, where else?

I’m still amazed that ย God knows me better than even me. And loved me enough to allow me this life with this man. The man. My man.

Thirty-four years and he still calls me his “young wife”. He’s smart too! ๐Ÿ™‚

3 thoughts on “Simply Saturday Present Tense

  1. Heidi says:

    I dearly love heart shaped rocks found on the beach. I don’t know how many pounds of rocks we have, but every one is precious. Glad to be able to see yours!

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