Have a Heart

Ocean Ridge Beach in Palm Beach County

Stars and hearts. They have found their way in our homes for years. Just shapes I’m drawn to like being drawn to clean lines and no clutter. Some have special memories but most just a sweet beauty that brings a curl to the edges of my mouth.

detail on a wall quilt I made

Valentine’s is coming and part of me isn’t a fan. A friend calls it the forced day of showing love or something like that. I get his point. I don’t need Hallmark to tell me I should share that love with another…..Do I?

Henry and I say those words to each other daily. Mean it, try to show it. I could do better. We say those words to our children often, to our parents. Henry’s 83-year-old mother calls him every Monday and I sometimes hear him as the conversation ends, “I love you mama.” (He got the mama from me. I love it!) I admit, the cards are a nice extra on this day of forced affection πŸ˜‰

Handmade gift from a friend

I say people see what they want to see. Maybe you won’t see the heart shape in the edge of the milk glass plate or the shells, but I do. I hope you’ll see love somewhere, know love. The romantic love that makes the pulse quicken, the love of a friend you know you can call anytime of day or night. Mostly, the love of God whose love is perfect and without condition. The Love who looks past our faults and cheap imitation of love and shows us a love we’ve never and will never know from another.

7 thoughts on “Have a Heart

  1. iamnotshe says:

    I still like Valentine’s day even if it’s a Hallmark Revenue Day. D and i show each other each and every day that we love each other. I like the shape of the “graphic” heart. I love the color red. And, why not go out to dinner and dress up? It gives us an excuse to pretty up a little and exchange “wrapped” gifts. Thanks for sharing your memories with us. What is the white one with the heart on the inside? Is that a cookie? oxoxox Love Melis

    • Debby says:

      Valentine’s Day is the day Henry proposed to me. Scared me to death but not him. He was so sure. We’re planning a special treat for our employees during their break on Valentines day. Time to share the love!

      The white is a close up edge of a milk glass plate. It looks so lacy I couldn’t resist it even though I have no idea where I picked it up. That’s the fun. Have a great weekend, Mel.

  2. iamnotshe says:

    I’m all for some fun, love! That is so romantic (with Henry). You guys were young, young young. That is an awesome experience: Being so loved, so young. I know you guys have had your struggles, but you have done it! Have fun with your crew!!!! xooxo m

  3. Jeff says:

    After being married for almost 27 years, my wife and I don’t really do Valentine’s Day anymore. We agree that it’s pretty much a Hallmark day. We tell each other “I love you,” many times a day. Still. It’s just something we’ve always done. I do love hearts, though. When we were dating, I started a tradition of putting a heart with an arrow through it with her initials in the middle on every card I give her. I still do that.

    • Debby says:

      Katharine, there’s no substitute for what I call the “comfortable” love. That use to sound dull to me but when you’ve been married at least 20 years or more you should know what I mean and it’s good to have that kind of comfort. Glad you have that too. πŸ˜€

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