Just a taste

The first day of Catalyst was awesome. So much to take in and soak in. Here are a few notes from one of the speakers from yesterday. Much more to come in the days ahead. And one more day of wisdom spoken into our lives.


From Perry Noble:

We need to stop screaming at the world discover me and ask God to develop (make) me.

Not our job to reach but be accessible.

Most of us are getting paid to do what others have given their lives to do.

Jesus was born in a mess to meet us in our mess.

11 thoughts on “Just a taste

  1. luluberool says:

    Well, the first interesting take on “make”. I like it. It’s difficult to listen to God and hear what He has fashioned us to be. I’ve probably spent over half my life fighting His message.

    • Debby says:

      Have you studied the story in Genesis 32 of Jacob wrestling with God? I think of that often as I wrestle with him too often. Lots of good stuff the past two days. Still chewing on it and digesting.

  2. Heidi says:

    I’ve no doubt He wanted me to read the words, “Not our job to reach but be accessible.” I’m pondering that lately, in terms of my daily give and take at work, my blog, my social network time… trying to remember to ask for direction is my focus. I love to write, but lately I’m not being led to write all the time. I hope to wait on His timing for unpacking the truth of what you posted today. Thank you so much for the picture and the words. Have a great conference. Still praying for all of you!

    • Debby says:

      Heidi, my cup was filled to overflowing with things to process from less than 2 days. Wise speakers to share and many notes to take. I did order the digital download of all the sessions to go over at a different pace and soak in. I think that particular line you quoted is key for me as well. It took me awhile to be comfortable with the fact that probably the most important thing I do when I’m at the ARC is to be accessible. To stop and listen, to walk around the building saying hi, to have a moment, to be accessible. So much more important than the “big” things.

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