Sunset in Memphis, TN (via my son) #livewonderstruck

Sunset in Memphis, TN (via my son) #livewonderstruck

I needed this. Needed to find this challenge and needed it now. It’s only been a month or so I’ve followed this blog but seeing todays title I grabbed it for myself.

As Advent began less than two months ago I was enjoying the wonder of that miracle. I would think of the details involved in the birth of Jesus….his teenaged mother who’d known no man and the scandal this pregnancy created. The journey Mary made ON A DONKEY when she was “great with child” and then gave birth in the midst of dung and stink. I found wonder in that story and the songs we sang each week….”star of wonder, star of light….”

A few weeks later, it’s gone. Moved on as the calendar has flipped to a new year dates are being filled in with events, none filled with the wonder of Advent. Until…

The 21 Days of Wonder Challenge

Margaret Feinberg is author/owner of this blog. Her opening paragraph says this:

If we pay attention, we can begin discovering the wonders all around us—those moments of spiritual awakening that spark our curiosity to know God more.

Yes, Margaret is hawking her new book called Wonderstruck which I probably won’t purchase. At least not now. I have too many books in my reading que these days before I can consider another. But, I’m with her in this challenge because I need to know God’s wonder in my life more than just at Christmas and Easter.

I need to open my eyes to his wonder that surrounds me because I know it does. How can it now when God is the master artist and creator? I need only open my eyes to His wonder, the spiritual awakening Feinberg talks about. So I’m in. Today. Right now.

God, open my eyes to your wonders that surround me as I strive to #livewonderstruck

Care to join me?


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