Camera stalker

Long before we got a good camera and long before I was that interested in photography (which has been fueled by getting a good camera – really good.) we’ve spent as many Saturday mornings as our schedule and the weather allows at the beach. Sometimes we stay on the paved walk joining the other Saturday morning walkers and runners and other times we venture to the water’s edge for our walks. This is where having a camera ready really gets good but….I feel like a little like a stalker. Having a telephoto lens helps put some distance between me and whoever we may be aiming at but still…..

If you're on a paddleboard with your dog you have to KNOW people are going to take your picture!

If you’re on a paddleboard with your dog you have to KNOW people are going to take your picture!

This little guy was so fun to watch.

This little guy was so fun to watch.

The ocean and sea oats, the waves churning and seagulls flying provide great subjects for the lens but people are the real photography prize for me. And that’s where the stalker feel comes into play. I felt much less the stalker last weekend as the young skim boarder we were taking pictures of came up and asked if I’d email him the pictures. Whew! I’d be glad to. Here are a few of my favorites of him and others on the beach.







8 thoughts on “Camera stalker

  1. Gavin Yeatts says:

    Stalking-is a term commonly used to refer to unwanted or obsessive attention by an individual or group toward another person (Wikipedia). Yep, this sounds like you Debby. I think it’s it’s an honor to be “stalked” by a photographer. Who wouldn’t want to be the center of attention? You probably make them feel like a movie star. I know by your stalking you always bring us great pictures, and for that, thank you. Keep up the good stalking!

  2. iamnotshe says:

    COOL! I love your photos, and I appreciate seeing any pooch especially the ones who go out on a ski board. What a trooper! And the little tyke. TOO CUTE. I could snuggle him!

    The young guy! Those action shots are awesome. I’d ask for some royalties .. 😉

  3. Secondhand Surfer says:

    I know the feeling-I went around St. Armond Circle on the west coast of Florida, which is awesome for people watching and held my camera down by my side and just pointed it in the general direction of the person or people…the down side of that was the flash would go off. It was so much fun..I wrote a post about it. And can’t wait to go back…keep up the good work…as an art student we were taught, to be a good photographer or I should say great photographer you have to have courage….. I KNOW YOU HAVE FAITH!

    • Debby says:

      I am so unfamiliar with the west coast of FL even though I lived in Ft. Myers a short time many! years ago. Courage? I’m working on it 😉 but it is fun to just go “shoot”. I’ll have to check out your post. Thanks, secondhand surfer!

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