Story (5-minute Friday)

Story, as in my story. A story to be lived, to be shared, to be redeemed. A story that tells of hope, of beauty, of a life that is continually being found by the Savior of Fools.

My story spills out here, on this little space I call Graceland because it is that. It is all grace as this story continues from day-to-day and I am living in graceland, always.

This is about forgiveness as I revisit issues that have kept me from living a fuller life in God and learning I can forgive a past and I can forgive me and I can accept God’s forgiveness. Really accept it.

This story is about my parts that include ministry and walking in a community of men in recovery and some not wanting it at all and learning how to love them all and still love me and God.

This story is amazing because God is amazing and his design is nothing short of the kind of story that draws men and women to Him.

This story, the one I keep trying to write instead of giving the keyboard to God, this one isn’t over. It’s a love story and mystery. It’s full of unexpected, page-turning twists and even when I don’t know what the next chapter holds, I know the ending. I already know that this story, the one that sometimes is tragic and others victorious, in the end, the very end, love wins.

(I’m linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker for the 5-minute Friday posts. Hop over to read others, or write your own, take on the prompt: story)


15 thoughts on “Story (5-minute Friday)

  1. Linda@Creekside says:

    Don’t you love that your story isn’t done, that the Master Storyteller continues to weave His specially designed tale just for you! Thank you for sharing with us this morning. Inspired, I am!

  2. Alison says:

    As always, your writing is just what I need! this is a cool idea, and I just joined in too. Have been feeling very….unlike writing, so this little snippet was just what I needed

    • Debby says:

      Thank you Alison. I’m glad you like the 5-min Friday idea. A good exercise. I’ve re-written today’s a few times in my head. It’s hard to sit down and let it flow without rethinking! Did you link to her blog? I’ll have to check. Yay! for you.

  3. bennetta faire says:

    As always, you touch my heart so deeply and lift me up to a fuller faith in the “Savior of Fools”–WOW, is that a powerful truth, that we are continually FOUND by That Savior. What a blessing you are today, Debby–praying you have a good weekend, living in Graceland. Though we’re separated by miles, I’m living there too (and I wish I were a traveler–I’d love to come see you in the FL “wing”!). Do you allow re-blogs? As I would really like to feature you on Indigo Moon-Dazed.

  4. bennetta faire says:

    Reblogged this on INDIGO MOON-DAZED and commented:
    In case you haven’t met her, I wanted to introduce my friend, Debby–“Living In Graceland” is her blog, and you seriously need to visit/follow her. She’s Real, she’s strong in the weak places where Jesus lives and breathes; she shares with that authenticity I admire and subscribe to; and her reflections about life and the faith journey will move you to tears, bless you and lead you nearer to our God of grace.

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