Five-minute Friday {tree}

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You don’t notice much the scenery in your life until a word prompt is thrown in front of you: tree.

There was the tree meant to live inside in a pretty basket and we were just keeping it while she was away for the summer but we’re not good with plants. It’s leaves started to fall and no matter my watering it looked brittle so we put it outside. Planted it far in the back of the yard because we know its kind has roots that grow deep and wide and it needed to be away from the house.

For 14 years it thrived and grew and became shade for our children and they climbed and it marked the time we lived in that house. Our family home, the one our children know the longest, the one we owned.




Now there are trees our son takes pictures of and sends me because they have color and are the only sign of fall I see. From his phone in Memphis he’ll circle the block to get that shot of a tree ablaze to send this mama and we both celebrate in natures beauty.


royal palms line the streets in our neighborhood


Deerfield Beach


rainy day


It might be the palm tree that really would be claimed by my son and me. Both of us having that need to sink our roots in a place to call home and it is Florida, for him by birth and me, roots transplanted but deep.

The palms have their own majesty but I think I most like how they sway when the high winds come. They don’t face the storms with fear, but with a graceful bow and they remain.


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11 thoughts on “Five-minute Friday {tree}

  1. Mia says:

    Dear Debby
    Wow, these trees are majestic as they bow down to its Creator in the storm. I am glad that your roots have grown deep when you moved home. It is not easy, but our roots in Jesus will never have to been uprooted. The saying goes that home is where your heart is and when we abide in Jesus we are always at home no matter where we live!
    Blessings XX

    • Debby says:

      It hasn’t been easy, Mia. Too many times I want my home to be a geographical, physical location but I know it isn’t. Not really. To know I will always have a home with Jesus is the most important place I can hope for.

      Thank you for your always kind words 🙂

    • Debby says:

      Thanks for stopping by from FMF, Pam. It is interesting the perspectives one word can evoke within. I do like that a lot. I stopped by your blog and left a few words. Thanks for sharing it.

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