His story called Grace

She was laid up sick for days a few months ago. She hadn’t been that sick since her heart surgery a few years back. That was rough, she said. But she was thankful for her sweet husband who took care of her. Not like her first husband. That was a mistake, she said. “I went from the frying pan right into the fire on that one, trying to get away from my mama. But I have me the best husband. He can’t work, disabled. So he takes care of the house, does the cooking and takes care of me and I work.”

Her name tag says Mary. I stepped in her line because she seems to like her job and moves along at a decent pace. Mary, who is well into her retirement years showing up with her face and hair made up for her business attire, her red shirt and khaki pants. She slipped the last of my groceries in the bags and I took home food and Mary’s story.

lighthouse top framedI have a beacon. That’s what Henry tells me. A beacon that flashes calling out to random strangers “talk to me”. Often times it’s my fault. I smile and apparently that’s an invitation for people to stop in the middle of an aisle and tell me they get wrong numbers on their cell phone all the time because some company must have had that number before. I looked around to see who this woman was talking to only to find no one but me.

mom with boy in ocean

toddler beach boy

toddler wading

The young mom carried her toddler son and put their towels down on the sand near us. She slipped his water wings on and introduced him to the ocean. Kids always capture my attention and he was so fun to watch. They came back to their towels where she tried to get him to sit next to her but he was having none of it. He found a plastic lid that became his scoop for the sand which he poured on to his legs and on to the towel. We laughed a little too loud and she looked our way with a smile as he did it again. We carried on back and forth while her little one chattered away unclear words bringing smiles all around.

For that moment, our stories intersected. Just like they do with the men in our Center. Our stories crossing and merging until we realize we’re part of a bigger story and it’s God’s story. A story about people. Messed up, empty, disobedient, unfaithful, lost and weary. He invites us to his story called Grace.

Mary name tag

It’s my regular Target and maybe Mary will share more of her story with me one day. I just have to get in her line.

8 thoughts on “His story called Grace

  1. Mama's Empty Nest says:

    Oh, you too? I have that same ‘beacon’ as complete strangers seem to want to talk to me. I like your hubby’s term for it. When it happens when my husband is along, he just laughs and says, “they know you’ll listen because there’s kindness in your eyes.” I always thought there must be an invisible to me but visible to the rest of the world sign on me that says, “Talk to me.” 😉 I’ve been meaning to write a post about this too but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

    • Debby says:

      I can’t imagine if we were both in a store together, Cindy. We’d be accosted with our beacons blinking “Talk to me!” Funny, it never seems to happen when Henry is around. hmmmm

  2. stoopingformanna says:

    Debby- what a gift you have…drawing people in. It’s the gospel at work, pursuing hearts and stories… getting in people’s lines… sharing the light… all so that others may know Him. I love your heart and your writing. Thanks for sharing both here.

    • Debby says:

      Thank you, Karen. Your words are too kind – if you only knew me! 😉 Isn’t is wonderful to be included in his marvelous grace? To think he would choose even us? Again, thank you for your encouragement.

  3. Meredith Bernard says:

    Debby, I love this!! I love this! Yes, I seem to have the same beacon at times…when I let it shine. Happened to me at the beach, too. And I was mad at myself for not getting the mama’s name and contact information. I think we could have been good friends. Has happened in my Target line, too…good reminder to look for the line I need to be in next time. Love your heart for God’s people. Thanks for linking up today! So glad to have you. 😀 xoxo, Meredith

    • Debby says:

      How sweet of you to stop by Meredith. One of our nieces knows about my camera stalking and said I should get cards made up to handle out not for a business (I’m just a hobby shooter) but to offer the people the photos if they want. What a great idea for a random act of kindness. Maybe our beacons are suppose to shine 😉 I’m glad to have found your blog. Love your lens AND pen!

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