Five-Minute Friday {dear}

Funny how a word that is used to describe a special affection is also used as a polite introduction to complete strangers.

Dear Sir/Madam

I think of the letters I’d eagerly open, the ones in granny’s familiar scrawl, the ones where the word Dear held that meaning of affection. From her to me and sometimes she even wrote dearest. She was my pen pal connecting our hearts from states divide.

Social media connects the divide with family and friends flung farther than states to countries round the world. We don’t use salutations when addressing one another but at times perhaps we should.

This prompt brought my mind first to granny’s letters and then to season we’re in. The time of year when my motivation for dragging the boxes, and boxes!, of decorations out is the meaning held in so many of these figures.


Christmas decorations

Me looking a bit scared of this jolly old man 1959

Me looking a bit scared of this jolly old man 1959

The tree looks random in its shiny orbs next to glittery words and crochet snowflakes.

Shelves are lined with memories: a hand carved Santa by a friend, a messy haired angel proclaiming Rejoice!, childhood pictures with Santa.

These hold full the meaning of dear. They are precious. In their worn, aged-yellow state they become more meaningful with each year.

Christmas decorations


Christmas decorations

Maybe it’s a picture of us. Ragged, worn, a bit messy at times. Simple, a few sparkles have fallen and we’re in need of glue in places. Yet we remain precious and dear to this babe who we celebrate in our, sometimes, busy ways. We pause to light a candle and rush out the door to do more.

I bring my raggedness to Him again. My tattered pieces and worn heart at his straw filled manger. My little for his all-knowing it’s enough.

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4 thoughts on “Five-Minute Friday {dear}

  1. Sheila says:

    Ah, another great one! I agree, one of the best parts of decorating is the trip down memory lane as I look at ornaments. I’m not doing that this year…mine are in storage, and this isn’t a year to do a lot of that anyway. But I know just what you mean! ~ Sheila

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