The scary and the safe

The message was about running away from God.

Claire’s post in SheLovesMagazine was about hiding from God.

Two days, two words about God and our inclination to hide from him, to run away when he calls.

Like children when they know they’ve been caught, Adam and Eve hid from God when they went against his will. Their Creator who walked with them in the evening, who had fellowship with them and loved them and only wanted their best, they thought they could hide from him. He had created the very place they called home and all the hiding places were his but shame blinds us.


God told Jonah to go to a specific place and preach to them, to tell them they needed to change their ways. Jonah didn’t want to go. He didn’t like the people either, or he didn’t like their ways and he especially didn’t want to be the one to tell them they needed to clean up their act. And he didn’t have social media to contend with!

Centuries later we find ourselves hiding from our past, our mistakes, our failures, our embarrassments. We run from things we’ve never known like acceptance and grace. Those things that are synonymous with God’s love.

When I am caught in that knowing there is no where I can hide, I feel scared. Even in the face of Love I cower and drop my head in sorrow. I am caught in this tension of fearful and safe. Scared of being known for what I really am. A wayward child who daily takes back her will knowing wilfulness has only led to frustration and disappointment at best.

As children we hid to escape punishment or angering or disappointing a parent. It seems those are the same reasons we hide today. Even from God.

But how can I disappointment the One who already knows? The One who knit me together in my mother’s womb, who knows the spot where the mole use to be and real color of my hair.

I want the day to come where fear doesn’t cloud my thinking and my longing for Love’s safety is my first instinct. God’s grace is waiting.

6 thoughts on “The scary and the safe

    • Debby says:

      Yes, I love that in Psalm 23 in the message it says his love chases after us. That description just washes me with his peace. Thanks, Judi.

  1. Annie Rim says:

    “How can I disappoint the one who already knows?” Love that line, Debby! It’s so true – God already knows and continues to love and call me. Thanks for these words today.

    • Debby says:

      We all work things out through the words that come out on in front of us on the screen, don’t we Annie? Now to remember when those scary times come.

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