The Merge Lane

We have been in our new home and city a couple of weeks. There are many differences between northern Florida and South Florida. Some things I miss like more palm trees than pine and the familiarity of place.

What I don’t miss from South Florida is the traffic. It gets more and more crowded which makes commuters tense. We haven’t experienced that here too much but what we have noticed is the merge lanes are very short. You have to decide quickly to get in there. Hesitation can result in a backup or worse.

In some ways, retirement is like the short merge lane. One day you have the keys no one else has, the title and power and literally, the next day, you don’t. We have both been okay with that. It has felt freeing to us.

Yet, there is some hesitation as to which lane we will merge. For now, there are many projects to keep us busy. The yard was more weeds than grass and Henry is already in competition to have ours as lush as the neighbor across the street.

I’m still cleaning out things that just don’t seem to work in this house.

my favorite chair in a quiet corner

One area I’ve decided needs to merge is my blog. As we’ve transitioned out of full time ministry the focus isn’t on recovery though there will always be lessons to share from that community.

For a couple of years I’ve been wondering how to merge what feels like my two lives: ministry / maker. I created a Facebook page where I’ve shared my artistic endeavors but it felt like a split personality.

I will be merging Living In Graceland to a new blog that will encompass all of who I am. It will have sections where I’ll share the creative side as well as the personal parts of life that connect us.

To unify things by name it will simply be called Debby Hudson Creative. I have dreams for this new blog with a main one being connecting to others. That is emerging as one of my purposes. It’s always been, I’m just recognizing how meaningful it is to me.

There are three areas where I hope we can connect: Eat, where I’ll share stories about me in the kitchen which my husband calls ‘Misadventures with Debby’, some recipes, and definitely some laughs.

Make will be where I share a variety of artwork along with some tutorials. 

Breathe is where we get personal and share life, even the messy life; especially the messy life because it is messy. My theme for the blog is “Embracing Imperfection”. Yes, Yes, and Yes!

It will still be a place of grace because we are living in the grace-land of God’s mercy.

12 thoughts on “The Merge Lane

  1. Betsy says:

    I know whatever you and Henry decide to do you will be successful , and you will touch the lives of others💕

  2. Wise Hearted says:

    We are not retiring but going part time in our ministry and moving our base of living to Mn. instead of southern California, six months in both places is the plan. Winter, southern Ca., summer and fall in Mn. That is plan A…but we have a couple more options if plan A cannot be. to be honest I am not looking forward to another move, it will be our 34th but at least in the US which is so much easier than a third world country. Trying hard not to waste this change, this crisis we are in right now, want all God has for me from it. Love this post and your new one, encourages my heart.

    • Debby says:

      I’m glad you found encouragement here and that you have options. Change, whether long or short term, is hard as you know. I’m believing God will continue to guide you as he has through all of your 34 moves and beyond. Nothing is wasted when we are following him. I pray you know His peace in this uncertain time.

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