Knowing God

I’m not sure why Christians seem to love themes but it seems there is one for every event. Tis weeks theme is knowing God. Reading those two words overwhelms me as it seems impossible to know God. The sacred text tells us His ways are not our ways and His thoughts not our thoughts yet we’re reaching, aiming to know Him. God. This being eye cannot behold. When God was revealing Himself to Moses he said Moses could not look on His face for His glory was too great. How can I know this God?


How can I not know Him?

I believe in Christianity as I believe that the Sun has risen, not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.
C.S. Lewis

In this setting, where creation is full and bursting with life and color, how can we not know God? God the creator, the artist.

When I walk among men whose lives have been changed by His love, how can I not know God? God of grace and mercy. I know Him as I know my father who loves and is love. I know him in the kindness of others. I know him in peace. His peace he gives this child, the wrestler and stubborn, self-willed child I am. Only He can still this soul and give me peace through His grace.


8 thoughts on “Knowing God

  1. Bree Durham says:

    I am One in whom God dwells. At one time it did seems difficult, if not impossible, to know God. Until the the day that I came to know God, now it seems impossible not to know God. I see God everywhere. I see Him in your blog, Debbie. Thank you for your daily reminders of God and His love.

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