Reach and Release

I have been picturing an open hand. The kind that is reaching out, maybe up, but it is open.

Other than eyes and smiles the hands seem so telling. I want to take pictures of hands. I would have an exhibit. A hand weathered from age or hard work. A babies hand, unblemished skin telling of the promise of life. I talk with my hands. Can’t seem to keep them still as my hands waves back and forth as though directing the words being said.

hands giving praise

hands giving praise

worshipping hands

worshipping hands

playing hands

playing hands



My high school psychology teacher had us do an exercise with our hands. She told us to shake them around a bit and then let them drop on our desks. Some hands would land in a stretched out open position while others, like mine, would find fingers curled at the end and others may even close like a fist. She said some believed this was an indicator as to how open we were.





The hand I’ve been picturing in my mind is open and reaching, stretching because you can’t reach without the stretch. Going beyond yourself. I’m getting to something here, I am.

Elora has given our class a prompt about reaching and releasing and I’ve never thought of releasing when you reach. I reach to grab hold of something; my granddaughter trying to run ahead of me in a busy area, my purse as I fly out the door. I bend and reach for the grocery bags in the trunk of the car or I grab hold of Henry as I climb from the boat. I am stretching and reaching and laying hold, not releasing. Our sons hands holding his new brides both grasping their future or the hands of the potter gently shaping a new vessel and taking hold of purpose and form.



Riverwood Pottery Dillsboro, NC

Riverwood Pottery Dillsboro, NC

I think about this reach and release and realize how perfect God’s timing is in putting this in front of me now. Right now. It is a time where I am reaching, stretching even and it is not to grab hold of but to release. I am reaching toward change and finding I must release what is, what was. I am reaching toward new and must release some of the old. I am reaching toward God and must release me.



13 thoughts on “Reach and Release

  1. Jamie Wright Bagley says:

    Clearly you are a visual artist as well as a weaver of words. I love all the photos. Thank you for this.
    Also, I tried the hand-dropping exercise. I have played and taught piano, and I think the muscle memory is permanent because it landed as though I were about to play a song. I like the symbolism there anyway, though. πŸ™‚

    • Debby says:

      Thank you Jamie! Yes, I’ve got the shutter-bug. It does fit to being a visual person. I like your hands landed like you were playing piano. I think that’s awesome!

  2. bennetta faire says:

    Excellent. Beautiful. Well done! God bless you BIG. I’m going to be repeating that phrase to myself often, “reach and release”; we must take that step of faith to reach–and there’s much power in the next step, releasing.

  3. Bree Durham says:

    What a great concept. I’ve never thought about hands open or whatever before. I realize now that my hands are always open, unless I’m in a formal prayer position, or I’m hitting the keys like on a piano (I do not play any instrument). I’m always reaching, data gathering. I do release but only after much data gathering. My mind is always “snapping” maybe this, maybe that, etc. but at some point even I have to come to a conclusion–release. Thank you, my dear niece. You are brilliant!!

    • Debby says:

      Not me, aunt Bree. The writing course I’m taking. Much to consider and I like that. I’m not at all surprised your hands are always open. That’s who you are!

  4. Susan Deborah Schiller says:

    You have the heart of an artist, for an artist notices and records the details that our busy lives would other wise miss, like the hands. I loved seeing your beautiful photos and hearing your heart, Debby! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

    • Debby says:

      Forgive my tardiness in thanking you for your comments, Susan. We had a nice weekend away visiting family. Thank you for your kinds words and stopping by this little part of graceland!

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